Sunday, September 1, 2013

{I'm Back! Maybe?}

It appears I dropped off the face of the Blogging World. I don't know why exactly but it happened the last time I was pregnant as well - oh right, I'M PREGNANT! I guess I forgot to mention that way back when I found out... 8 months ago. I've got just over 5 weeks left to go and my mind and body are both already done. I'm over it. I may not update a whole lot in the meantime because my momma always told me "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", and quite honestly, I'm just a bitchy complainer who doesn't even want to be friends with herself anymore. Once baby arrives though, I'll have to post more, because I can't miss those monthly updates! Hope you all are well. xo

And just because it's been so long... a pic of the not so little Miss H. She appears to be aging quickly before my very eyes these days and it's killing me a little inside.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Straight From the Mouth of H}

After falling down on a toy...
H: "Ouuucchhhh, hurt my 'gina, kiss it better?"
Me: "uh, no, I can't kiss your vagina, it's a private part and we don't kiss privates."
H: "kiiiisssssssss iiittttttt (between sobs)"
Me: "Hunny, I can't kiss your vagina. It will feel better in a minute"
H: "blow it?" (she meant blow it a KISS)
Me: big sigh "ok".

Every time we see a big TRUCK:

Every. Single. Person. we see in a store:
H: "What's THAT?" (pointing at the person)

After waking up in the morning with a bump on her head and a rug burned nose..
Me: "What happened baby, did you fall out of bed?"
H: "yah."
C: "Did you face plant on your carpet?"
H: "yah."
Me: "Did you scratch yourself?"
H: "Yah."
C: "What did you do to your nose?"
H: "I have a boogie"
.... we still don't know wtf happened.

Driving to a birthday part at her friends house:
H: "I'm sirsy (thirsty)"
Me: "I don't have anything right now but I bet when we get to O's house you can have some juice!"
H: "Juice BOXES?"
Me: "Yup, I bet Jaymie has juice boxes"
H: "Yay, juice boxes are my faaaavourite stuff!"

H: "Daddy?"
C: "Yes, sweetie?"
H: "girls have 'gina's"
C: "yes, girls have vaginas"
H: "an boys have peanuts"
C: "haha, yes, boys have a penis"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Straight From the Mouth of H}

Me: "Look at all the Christmas Lights, Hadley. Aren't they pretty!?"
H: "yaahh.. pretty.. *GASP!!!* SAW SANTA, SCUUUURRRYYY, PEE IN PANTS!"
Me: "You pee'd your pants?"
H: "No! I big girl, I dry!"

(Hadley eating chips hiding in the corner of our bedroom)
Me: "Hey! What are you doing?!"
H: (makes a few movements like she's going to say something.. pauses.. smiles) "Beat It!"

(after H bashed me in the head with a book)
Me: "Hadley, you have to be careful"
H: "I'm sooooooooo sorry"

H: "Daddy at work?"
Me: "No, daddy's sleeping"
H: "I go see him!"
Me: "be nice and quiet"
H: (staring at him in bed) "Aww, Daddy is sooooo chute (cute)!"

H: "Mommy!!!!!!!! Gibby is my sister!!"

Me: "Thanks, Hadley"
H: "No problem!"

Every single bump in the road, corner, stop sign/light while driving:
H: "Be Careful, <insert driver's name here>!!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Straight From the Mouth of H}

H (pointing at C's pockets): "Niiiiice pockets, Daddy!!!!"

H: "Been trees"
C: "GReen"
C: "No, G-R-EEn"
H: "Close enough"

(after being sent to her room for being naughty)
Me: "Are you ready to come out now?"
H: "Uh huh"
Me: "What do you say?"
H: "sorry I was mean to you"

C burnt his finger on the pot while making Rice Krispie Squares. The next day I pick Hadley up from daycare and the first thing she says is...
H: "Daddy burned his fingers on the pot"
Me: "Yes he did, that hurt didn't it?"
H: "Daddy didn't listen to mommy. NO TOUCH THE POT IT'S HOT!!!"

H (to "bibby" the dog): "Bad Girl, Bibby, pee in potty not outside!!"

Me: "Are you going to have a fun day with Gramma Joan, today?"
H: "Yah!"
Me: "What are you guys going to do?"
H: "Watch Cartoons! Mamma Joan does Papa!"

H (colouring a picture and sets her crayon down. Looks at it, looks at me...): "Show your friends"

Monday, November 26, 2012

{2 Years Old}

H turns 2 today, or I guess she turned 2 today.. at 12:48 this morning. I'm still not sure how the past 730 days passed by so quickly. I truly feel like I blinked and my baby turned into a toddler.

Every parent claims that their child is the smartest, funniest, cutest, prettiest, specialist kid alive. I'm no different. I could brag about this girl until people around me started dropping dead. She really is our everything. She's smart, funny, cute, pretty, special a pretty cool kid, and it's been amazing watching her turn into her own little person.

H was late with her talking.. well, maybe not late, but later than some of my friends' kids. She was about 18 months before she really had much to say, and even then it was poorly pronounced and words were more gibberish than anything else. Then, out of nowhere, at about 21 months she started talking and has never looked back. 4 word sentences are not uncommon and she has no issue communicating what she wants. She's still working on the pronunciation of some words but it's coming along more and more every day. 

Pronunciation I don't want to fix:
Slog - Frog
Bebe - Gibby (our puppy (!!) - you would know about her if I ever blogged, ha!)
Bibson - Gibson (our puppy's real name)
Nenna - Makenna (her bestie)
Nuggle - Snuggle
Sersy - Thirsty
Moke - Milk
Shoost - Toast (who knows!)

She's getting very good at recognizing letters and knows what goes with them (H is for Hadley, D is for Daddy, etc.), she knows ll of her colours and 99% of her shapes. She can count to 6 (when she feels like it), do summersaults, and dance like nobody's watching! She has been potty trained for over a month now (except for nights when she wears a pullup) and LOVES being a "big girl". She adores drawing, painting and stickers. LOVES playing with her babies, and enjoys pestering the cat and teasing the puppy. She has zero patience and wants everything done RIGHT.NOW.... and with that comes attitude and tantrums. One of her favorite things to do is to snuggle on the couch. Occasionally in the middle of the night I hear "MOM, 'nuggle on couch!?".  

H's manners are amazing. One day, after what felt like 10928310982 years of trying to convince her that Please and Thank You need to be said, she started saying them. She blesses people when they sneeze, says excuse me when she burps or toots - and even most of the time when she wants your attention and has to interrupt you. She said "pease" and "thanks" (sometimes Thank You, but mostly just Thanks!) 90% of the time without having to be prompted. She also says "'scuse me from the table, thank you for dinner" when she's finished eating which is something I used to have to say when I was very young and I think it's precious. I swear it doesn't get much cuter than a toddler with manners! 

She has started swimming lessons. 

We had her 2 year checkup last Wednesday and the Doc said she's perfect. She is doing lots of things "at a 3 year old level" and he has zero concerns. It's always nice to hear stuff like that.

Two Year Stats:
Weight: 26lbs 2oz - 40th percentile
Height: 33.5" - 30th (ish) percentile. She used to be tall and now she's short!

There are days when I look back and want to cry. I remember trying to get dinner ready or do laundry while she followed me around screaming and hanging off my legs. Now I find myself wondering what she's doing while I'm in the kitchen and she's playing with her dolls in her room. I don't remember the day where her independence started to shine through.. where she finally decided it was okay to do things on her own and didn't need me 2 inches away at all times. It makes me a little bit sad and a whole lot happy at the same time. It's nice to know that we're doing okay at this parenting thing. We're raising a tiny human and she's turning out smart, funny, cute, pretty, special perfect. I couldn't be more proud. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, H! I love you more than you will ever know xo. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hadley started "school" today. It's actually just daycare but we call it school so it sounds cooler - you know, because that's where all the cool kids go. Ha!

We have fulltime family care but we had decided that we need to get her out and socialized a bit more with kids her own age. I found a lovely little daycare fairly close to home and outrageously reasonably priced (according to friends with kids in daycare) that just happened to have a spot open on Mondays only... which was exaaactly what we were looking for! It was meant to be.

I went there an hour early to hang out with her and let her get used to it. She has been extra shy and clinging lately and has started crying when I leave these days. I preferred the old goodbyes where she could care less! The crying breaks my heart.

We started off playing play dough with the little girls and soon enough she was sliding down the slide and running around with all the boys (that's my girl). I snuck out without saying goodbye and had a tear in my car before I pulled myself together and went to work.

I called and checked in on my lunch break and the "teacher" said all was well and she was having a wonderful day behaving nicely.  A huge relief. When I picked her up it was like she'd aged a year. She had big hugs and kisses, told me how she used the potty (and showed it to me!), gave me a "pretty picture" she drew and put on her own boots to "go home, see daddy".

It's only one day a week from 745-515 (though we will NEVER get there at 745 because we're still sleeping, and I'm sure I will pick her up far before 515 every time) and yet it still breaks my heart. I know it will be good for her, and that she'll have fun and learn new things but I just wish I could be home with her all day, every day, instead.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We carved pumpkins last night. I love pumpkin carving! Mine is the one that resembles Frankenstein, it turned out well. You'll notice there is no pictures of Hadley... it's because she thinks "punk'on's are yuck. Ew stinky. Gross".

Kids these days!